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Embracing Holistic Health: The Atlanta Health & Wellness Coaching Approach


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by David Wright


Sep 9, 2023

In a world where quick fixes and instant gratifications are the norms, Atlanta Health & Wellness Coaching (AHWC) offers a refreshing approach to holistic health. With a focus on changing daily lifestyle habits, AHWC is the guiding light for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling life.

The AHWC Philosophy

At the heart of AHWC lies the belief that chronic health and mental health conditions are escalating due to stress and impulsive reactions to self-medicate with food and alcohol. By addressing these root causes, AHWC provides a sustainable path to wellness.

Services Tailored for Holistic Health

From dietary & nutritional coaching to weight loss and chronic disease management, AHWC offers a comprehensive suite of services. Each service empowers individuals to take control of their health, making informed decisions that lead to lasting positive outcomes.

The Visionary Behind AHWC: Dr. David Wright

With his vast experience and knowledge, Dr. David Wright is the driving force behind AHWC. His unique approach combines nutrition science with individual DNA, metabolism, and lifestyle choices. This personalized approach ensures every individual receives care tailored to their special needs.

The Power of Knowledge: Books & Media

Dr. David Wright’s book, “The Nutrient Diet,” is a cornerstone of AHWC’s philosophy. This book, available on platforms like Amazon, offers a cognitive behavioral approach to diet, impulse control, and habit formation. It’s not just about what to eat but also how and why to eat, providing readers with a holistic understanding of health and wellness.

The AHWC Advantage

What truly sets AHWC apart is its commitment to changing daily lifestyle habits. With services ranging from health & wellness coaching to lifestyle management, AHWC ensures individuals have the tools and knowledge to lead a balanced life. The focus is on physical health and mental well-being, providing a holistic approach to wellness.


Atlanta Health & Wellness Coaching is more than just a health center; it’s a movement. It’s about embracing a holistic approach to health, and understanding the intricate relationships between diet, nutrition, and daily habits. With Dr. David Wright’s visionary leadership and a suite of comprehensive services, AHWC is redefining health and wellness in Atlanta.

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David A. Wright, MM, MBA, MHSA

(Doctor of Medicine Degree [i.e., M.D.])

Board-Certified Hypnotherapist, Board Certified NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] Practitioner, Board Certified NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] Mental Health Coach, & Board-Certified Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner—specializing in Holistic, Naturopathic, Integrative, Functional, Non-Pharmacologic, Non-Psychotropic, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic Methods & Techniques

Atlanta’s Best Life Coach, Top Hypnotherapist, & Best provider of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Methods (with a Holistic, Naturopathic, Integrative, Functional, Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic Approach)

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